5 decreased by 8 is four times y

2019-12-06 14:04 Translating Words into Mathematical Symbols English Phrase Mathematical Phrase 13 A number n subtracted from 5 5 n A number n increased by 8 n 8 A number n decreased by 8 n 8 Twice the number n 2n The sum of 4 times a number n and 7 4n 7 The product of n and m nm A number n divided by 5 n5

You can put this solution on YOUR website! that's a problem of translating english to algebrese. five decreased by eight: 58 four times y: 4y 5 decreased by 8 is four times y 8 multiplied by x, and then take y away, is 8xy x take away y, and then 8 multiplied by this number, is 8(xy) 8 multiplied by x, and divided by y is 8xy share with friends Share to:

3) Four times a number is 24. 4) A number decreased by 6 is 1. 5) A number divided by 5 is 7. 6) If 12 is subtracted from a number, the result is 88. 7) Twice a number increased by 3 is 23. 8) One half a number decreased by 2 is 5. 9) The sum of four times a number and 3 equals 35. 10) 40 increased by a 5 decreased by 8 is four times y

The sum of 5 and 10 decreased by 4 You are searching for two integers. The sum of twice the first integer and three times the second integer is nine. Start studying Translating Expressions and Equations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ten less than 8 times a number. 6(3 n) six times the sum of a 3 and a number 12 4n 2. twelve increased by 4 times a number is 2. 6n 5 7. five less than 6 times a number is 7. 9 2n 1. nine 5 less than a number: x 5: x less than the number 5: 5 x: the product of r and 4: 4r: 7 times a number: 7p: double a number: 2x: triple a number: 3x: a number divided by 4 w \over 4 the quotient of x and 6 x \over 6 the quotient of 12 and m 12 \over m a number divided by 3 f \over 3 y over 7 y \over 7 5 into a number a \over 5 5 decreased by 8 is four times y Find an answer to your question four times a number, decreased by eight equals twelve. what is the number? 1. Log in Join now 1. Log in Join now High School. Mathematics. 5 points Four times a number, decreased by eight equals twelve. what is the number? Ask for details; Follow Report by Amart2izKyr Log in to add a comment Save time Mar 11, 2013 Write an algebraic or numerical expression that best represents the phrase Jan 25, 2012  To by X timestimes. Discussion in 'English Only' started by Snive, Jan 25, 2012. Previous Thread Next Thread. Loading Snive New Member. Decreased by 8 times doesn't mean anything to me at all. Decreased to an eighth of its former size or amount is Nine times a number decreased by four 9n 4 Five times the sum of six and some number 5 (6 n) Twice the difference of y and three The quotient of 7 and d decreased by 9 2 ( y 3) 9 The sum of 5 and product of 7 and x The difference of 9 and the quotient of s and 4 5 7x 9

Gallery 5 decreased by 8 is four times y