Stabs self 50 times

2019-11-17 13:46 DEATHS OF ELDERLY MERCER COUPLE A MURDERSUICIDE, POLICE REPORT (The New Jersey Record) An elderly Mercer County woman plunged a knife into her husband 35 times before stabbing herself 50 times, according to autopsy results released by the Prosecutors Office. Autopsy results show Hazel Powells knife wounds were selfinflicted

Homeowner who stabbed burglar more than 50 times as he tried to steal his TV cleared of murder. Errol Hanson, 51, killed Mohammed Savare in his garden but a jury agreed he acted in selfdefence stabs self 50 times Homeowner Errol Hanson, who stabbed burglar 50 times, is cleared of murder of murder after saying that he acted in selfdefence. Errol Hanson, 51, had plunged a knife into Mohammed Savare, 26

Police say he stabbed himself 20 times before the wreck A rambling note was found in the car of a man with selfinflicted stab wounds after he drove into an SUV early Wednesday in Philadelphia stabs self 50 times

Suitor stabs girl 50 times Spurned by his love interest, a 39yearold stabbed a young woman 50 times with a pair of scissors and then left her body inside a flat in southeast Delhis Govindpuri Wayne Carter, 43, called police to his Hackensack, New Jersey home threatening to harm himself. When they arrived, he stabbed himself 50 times and threw skin and intestines at them. He is critical stabs self 50 times

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