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2019-12-11 12:18 Aug 07, 2006 Navagrahas are the nine planets in the Hindu Astrology. Rahu and Kethu are imaginary planets that dont exist as individual planets. he slayed the demonic snake by severing it into 2 pieces. The head is considered as Rahu and the Tail is Considered as Kethu.

Role Of Mercury In Astrology. Mercury is dual natured planet and governs two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo. Body parts that are ruled by Mercury are the arms, ear, lungs and nervous system. Mercury believes in logic. People with strong Mercury in their horoscopes possess the excellence of reasoning and analytic ability. mercury in tamil astrology This page provides Mercury Transit date and timings in year 2019 for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. Mercury Transit is also known as Budha Gochar and Budha Peyarchi. 03: 05: 30. Hindu Calendar Indian Calendar Tamil Calendar Malayalam Calendar Sankranti position as per Vedic astrology. Mercury Tropical Position. position as per Western

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces. Planets in different housesPart 1 Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter in Variant houses Astrology services provided by us Sun Sun or Surya considered to be a very important planet in Indian Astrology. Sun is one of the three ascendants in Vedic astrology. mercury in tamil astrology

In Hindu Astrology there are nine planets or Grahas. These include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Saturn Rahu and Ketu, which are astronomical points formed where the moons orbit intersects the apparent path of the Sun around the earth. Mercury: The Planet of Communication. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun; it takes about 88 days to complete its orbit of the Sun. It is neither masculine nor feminine energy and assumes the gender of the sign it is in. It rules both Gemini and Virgo, and the Third and Sixth Houses. Sun Moon Nine Planets Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune mercury in tamil astrology Mercury. It is traditionally held to be essentially cold and dry, according to its placement in the zodiac and in any aspects to other planets. In modern astrology, Mercury is regarded as the ruler of the third house; traditionally, it had the joy in the first house. Mercury is the messenger of the gods in mythology. Mercury in Vedic Astrology and Horoscopes Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication. Extracted from Planet Meditation Kit& the Gem Book by Harish Johari Mercury in Astrology. Mercury is the planet of the mind and mouth, guiding the way we think, our communication style, and our level of focus. Is your thought process very methodical? Believing astrology is different from worshiping them. Billions of people read weekly predictions for their zodiacal signs in India and Western Countries. For many of us it is fun, for some of us it is accurate prediction! ! But I am talking about actual worship of Nine Heavenly bodies (planets): Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

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