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2019-12-09 00:55 QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise allow you to import timesheet data using files in the IIF format. An IIF file has a header that identifies the version of QuickBooks and the company file for the data in the file. This header must match your settings in QuickBooks, or you will get errors when you attempt to import

Import time records into QuickBooks from Excel with our XL Timesheet tool. Convert your Excel worksheet containing time records into QuickBooks for Windows (most any version) using our XL Timesheet tool. It's an Excel addin that works directly on your worksheets, creating an IIF file you can then import (the worksheet isn't changed. ) import excel timesheet to quickbooks I already had the timesheet data in excel format and I just needed a way to load it to QuickBooks. I use your solution in a slightly different way, and slimmed down a bit, but it is perfect for what I

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Import TimeClick Timesheets to QuickBooks. Filters. Business Tips; Company News Click the Reports menu on the top tool bar and choose List, then Payroll Item Listing. Click the Excel button, and then select Create New Worksheet. After you have generated the report the Download QuickBooks Import button will turn blue. Click the button Nov 02, 2016 Hector Garcia, CPA shows you a way to create importable IIF files with time activity (timesheet) data that was captured in a spreadsheet format initially. IIF allow to import into QuickBooks import excel timesheet to quickbooks

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