40 yard dash times for female soccer players

2020-01-29 09:47 The secondfastest electronically clocked player in NFL combine history, Chris Johnsons time of 4. 24 seconds stands as one of the fastest 40yard dash times weve ever seen.

40 Yard Dash. The 40 Yard (36. 6 meters) Dash is part of the SPARQ rating system for football, and their protocol is listed here. purpose: The aim of this test is to determine acceleration, and also a reliable indicator of speed, agility and quickness. 40 yard dash times for female soccer players Historically, the 40yard dash is used by scouts as a measure of speed, agility, and acceleration of NFL prospects. The basis behind the distance is that punts typically travel 40 yards and have an average hang time of 4. 5 seconds.

Feb 11, 2007 Soccer is obviously a lot more than short sprints and entails a great deal of endurance. This aside, I am interested in 40 yd. dash times of professional soccer plays, preferably USMNT attacking players. 40 yard dash times for female soccer players

He is one of the fastest American players of all time and perhaps in the history of soccer. In high school, he ran track and his time (according to Wikipedia) in the 100 meter dash was 10. 39 seconds. Apr 28, 2008 How fast can a professional soccer player run 40 yards and 1 mile? Soccer Players 40 Yard Dash. Source(s): lossett 2 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Not sure what numbers they have in the mile but your time means your in great shape and can keep it up for an extend amount of time. And the 4. 4 is 6. 0 is the average 40 yard dash time for a 16 year old girl. However, anything under 5. 0 is considered to be very athletic and asuperb timing. 40 yard dash times for female soccer players re: 40 Yard Dash Time for Soccer players Posted by Vicks Kennel Club on at 8: 34 pm to LSU2012 The 40 is totally useless. Theo Walcott would rank among the top athletes (outside of track stars) in the world in it though. The 40yard dash is a sprint covering 40 yards (36. 58 m). It is primarily run to evaluate the speed and acceleration of American football players by scouts, particularly Feb 27, 2019 I think if they trained for it, many of the USA women's soccer players could run a sub 5 min. mile. I know no because I played with them, and an athlete is an athlete. Every football player covets a fast 40Yard Dash time. A blazing 40 can gain the attention of coaches and scouts, and it looks downright impressive. It's a source of pride on the field, akin to a

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