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2019-11-12 11:56 Here is the Method of Azolla Cultivation in Tamil. The easy method of Azolla Cultivation in Tamil is explained. Other names, , .

A training programme on azolla cultivation for the benefit of dairy farmers was conducted at Veterinary College and Research Institute here on Monday. Though dairy farming is a sustainable income gene azolla tamil name The Plant List includes 21 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Azolla. Of these 7 are accepted species names. Of these 7 are accepted species names. The Plant List includes a further 5 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Azolla.

Azolla (water fern) as proteinrich animal feed. Azolla is a native water plant with some seriously exciting attributes for anyone looking to develop closedloop cycles for organic animal feed. Its high in protein and minerals, fixes nitrogen, is palatable to chickens, pigs, goats, ducks and cows, and can be grown on any closed body of water. azolla tamil name

Registered in 2009, Bio Power And Agro Tec has been a leading name in offering top notch Tents& Tarpaulins. Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, we offer the best quality Azolla Pond Liner to our customers at best prices in the industry. Here is the Method of Azolla Cultivation in Tamil. The method of Azolla Cultivation in Tamil is explained. Other names, , Azolla Cultivation Guide: Introduction of Azolla Cultivation: What is Azolla? Well, it is nothing but a free floating water fern consisting of a short, branched, floating stem, azolla tamil name Aug 01, 2016 The below is azolla in paddy cultiva This is a video on cultivation of Azolla. It also says the use of Azolla as feed for cattle, poultry, goat, pig farming. Azolla: A Genuine Super Plant. by Ian Maxwell (GranvilleSouth) September 16, 2010. Add to Bookmarks. Time for a look at a little plant with a big future But left in the sun, this azolla would turn red& earn its common name. Straight away, it gave me ideas about partial shade& mixing reds& greens. Azolla pinnata. Azolla pinnata is a species of fern known by several common names, including mosquitofern, feathered mosquitofern and water velvet. It is native to much of Africa, Asia (Brunei Darussalam, China, India, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines) and parts of Australia. It is an aquatic plant, its frond floating upon the surface of the water. Name of the species Azolla pinnata: ID on Encyclopedia of Life Synonyms Please check Binomial Classification section for synonyms. Common English Names Mosquito fern, Duckweed fern, Fairy moss, Water fern Common Hindi Names Common Indian names OriginsMeanings of the common names

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