Hong kong times square new year countdown

2019-12-08 01:27 In Hong Kong on New Year's Eve 2019, the people usually get together in Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate and to look at the night lights along the harbor. The Times Square shopping mall in Hong Kong also holds their own sendoff to the ball drop held at Times Square in New York City.

The new years eve fireworks don't tend to be on the same scale as the Chinese New Year event, but the gap is closing, with the most recent display lasting a full 10 minutes. The focus of the display has moved in recent years to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where is gets underway 60 seconds before midnight. hong kong times square new year countdown Hong Kong New Years Eve Party at Times Square If you are looking for the New Years Eve countdown event then head to Times Square in Causeway Bay. Similar to New Year Countdown in New York, the crowd is waiting that the clock hits midnight.

Arguably more enjoyable than the Times Square mall celebrations, the New Year's Eve fireworks over the buildings of Hong Kong Island are truly spectacular. The fireworks begin about two hours before midnight, taking over ten minutes to crescendo to a dazzling climax. hong kong times square new year countdown

On New Years Eve, thousands of people gather at Times Square Hong Kong to count down to the New Year. Theres a big celebration with music, performers, and announcers. The party finishes with a countdown to the New Year, similar to the Times Square in New York. Times Square was officially opened in Apr 1994 and is one of Hong Kongs largest shopping mall and one of the most popular tourist destination in Hong Kong. It is owned by Wharf Real Estate Investment Company Limited, leased by Harriman Leasing Ltd and managed by Times Square Ltd. hong kong times square new year countdown

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