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2019-11-17 18:40 TIMESTAMP Initialization and the NULL Attribute. Its default value is defined as CURRENTTIMESTAMP and no value is specified for the column CURRENTTIMESTAMP or any of its synonyms such as NOW() is explicitly inserted into the column In other words,

Automatic Initialization and Updating for TIMESTAMP. Note One TIMESTAMP column in a table can have the current timestamp as the default value for initializing the column, as the autoupdate value, or both. It is not possible to have the current timestamp be the default value for one column and the autoupdate value for another column mysql 5.1 timestamp default value Description: For some reason, it seems MySQL won't let you create a TIMESTAMP column with no default value. If you omit the DEFAULT part of the ADD COLUMN query, MySQL automatically fills in default CURRENTTIMESTAMP on update CURRENTTIMESTAMP .

Handling of Implicit Defaults. This is also true for TIMESTAMP if the system variable is enabled (see Section, Server System Variables ). Otherwise, for the first TIMESTAMP column in a table, the default value is the current date and time. See Section 11. 3, Date and Time Types. mysql 5.1 timestamp default value

Mar 01, 2013 In MySQL versions prior to 5. 6, behavior of columns with default values for the TIMESTAMP column type is pretty much nonstandard. The nonstandard (MySQL specific) behavior is not so intuitive for users to understand and the community has often expressed unhappiness, and there are lots of blogs about this. Nov 15, 2006 I've been developing in MS SQL Server for ages, and recently installed MySQL to kick the tires , so to speak. In MS SQL Server, I can indicate that the default value for a DATETIME field is GetDate() , which would insert the current datetime when the record is created. Default value for timestamp. Brad Brening. March 12, 2006 02: 42PM Re From the MySQL 5. 5 manual: You cannot set the default for a date column to be the value of a function such as NOW() or CURRENTDATE. The exception is that you can specify CURRENTTIMESTAMP as the default for a TIMESTAMP column. Therefore, what you want to achieve will work in MySQL 5. 5 if you add a TIMESTAMP column instead of a DATE column. mysql 5.1 timestamp default value I want to use CURRENTTIMESTAMP as the default value an attribute which is type of TIMESTAMP(3). MySQL default value for TIMESTAMP(3) Ask Question 13. 3. Query Not working in MySQL 5. 6 [MYSQL 5. 1 (Master) to MYSQL 5. 6 (Slave) Replication Error So now we will allow default values for timestamp columns, but will silently ignore such value for first column. [30 Jan 2004 8: 30 Dmitry Lenev ChangeSet. 1 15: 13: 19 [email protected] com Fix for bugs# 1885, # 2464, # 2539.

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