Selsey slack water times

2020-01-24 21:24 Best time to dive is 3 hours after high water. 1 mile out. Mixon Hole A wall that runs East West, 6M below the surface and extending down to 25M to a shingle sea bed, best area to dive from 6M to 12M, where a variety of marine life can be found.

Shore Diving is fairly limited locally due to the gently shelving beaches and shallow water. However, the area between Selsey Lifeboat slip and the Launch ramp at selsey slack water times Scuba Diving South Coast England, UK, Europe. The dive is most comfortably done on slack which is 4 hours before or 3 hours after Selsey HW. Despite the shallow depth of this dive, I would not recommend using this site for training novices as there was a lot of delicate marine life such as tube worms that would easily become damaged

TIDAL STREAMS ST CATHERINES POINT TO FORELAND. In Southampton water, the Eastern solent and Portsmouth harbour, these circumstances are reversed; the flood stream runs in two periods, separated by an interval of slack, or nearly slack, water, and has a total duration of about 7 hours; the ebb stream runs for about 5 hours only. selsey slack water times

The tides are repetitive so is slack water. In its simplest form, to find the slack water time at any particular dive site, all you need do is sit in a boat above the site for a day, observe when slack water occurs, and make a note of that relative to a set of tide tables. Scenic Dive Sites. Nominally possible as a Shore Dive, Bognor Rocks is a reef that curves out from the beach, West of Bognor Regis pier; we tend to dive only around High Water to ensure a reasonable depth of 68m. The reef is well potted and boat manoeuvrability can be limited by the lengthy surface lines often with somewhat indistinct flags. Diving. The area is teaming marine life. Strong currents mean that it is best to dive at slack water (4 hours before and 3 hours after high water). Far Mulberry The remains of a Mulberry Harbour, after more than 70 years under the water this is a wonderful reef. selsey slack water times Selsey Shore Diving. Average depth 6m one of our many favourite dives as there is always something to see. Strong currents mean that it is best to dive at slack water (4 hours before and 3 hours after high water) note that visibility is usually significantly better on the HW3 slack unless there has been an extended period of settled weather. At Dover 4 a favourable southeastern stream commences from The Solent assisting an arrival at Dover 4: 45 slack water at The Looe. Arriving at the Looe at this time there is a supporting back eddy for the 40 miles to Beachy Head for 6 hours. Oct 28, 2014 Saw two boats go through the Looe channel and wonder if that actually was easier? By the time we were off Worthing the swell was 23 metres. My poor wife felt green for 5 hours and did not want to helm or anything. Went round Selsey Bill today Slack water or no tidal current you will just get the normal wind induced waves for the wind

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