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2019-11-17 11:04 Sep 11, 2014 arayna, I don't believe there is a symbol for the word serendipity, I've included a link with tattoo images with the word. Some look very nice.

Serendipity tattoo this is my favorite word in the world! Potential is my number one Serendipity: TYPO and placement Serendipity have it say serenity. Lara serendipity word tattoo It is the prayer which teaches you to have trust in the Lord with all your heart. If you are seeking for words which may give you peace in a form of tattoo, go for Serenity Prayer lettering. Serenity Prayer tattoos can take form of scroll or plain lettering in different beautiful

A simply done work of a word tattoo saying serendipity is a new and wonderful way to go for. serendipity word tattoo

Serendipity Arrow on Top of the Shoulder Tattoo Idea Meaning and description Flying arrow with feather and the word serendipity makes this tattoo really suitable for creative women. Serendipity Tattoo Tattoo Quest. I have always been fed with the notion that tattoos are for stereotypes. The rugged bikers with fat metal accessories and you mess with us, we mess with you kind of an attitude. or maybe just some of the rather beautiful words something like Serendipity? Simple right? NOT! I have been pouring through 50 Moving Serenity Prayer Tattoo Designs. This trifecta of serenity, courage, and wisdom all add up to a healthy spiritual life. Tattoos bearing these words are a physical testamentor perhaps just a reminderof mindful choices in life. And, just like a little bit of tattoo numbing cream, a little bit of prayer helps us live without fear. serendipity word tattoo Etymology. The first noted use of serendipity in the English language was by Horace Walpole in 1754. In a letter he wrote to his friend Horace Mann, Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had made about a (lost) painting of Bianca Cappello by Giorgio Vasari by reference to a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. I got the word Serendipity flowing into a paper airplane tattooed on the side of my ribs. The word Serendipity and the airplane have a special meaning for me. Serendipity (n) means The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. The serenity prayer tattoo has more than two dozen words, and this makes it quite a long phrase. Most people have a hard time placing a long phrase on their body, and this is more so if you want to have all the words clearly. However, if you have a skilled artist, he or she can be The words are meant to give you courage, and that is exactly what this tattoo does. The font is beautiful, and the scroll is nicely done. A Little Embellishment. Many people think that the serenity prayer tattoo needs a little embellishment, and that is exactly what it got with this tattoo.

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