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2020-01-23 15:28 Beechdale, Nottingham Stops in Beechdale. Ambergate Road (Stop BE21) L3 L4. Aspley Gardens (Stop BE34) 53 53B 54. Beechdale Baths (Stop BE01) 28 L3 L4 N28. Beechdale Baths (Stop BE06) 28 L3 L4. Beechdale Road (Stop BE08) 53 53B 54. Beechdale Road Top (Stop BE12) A1 A2 L4 L11. Beechdale Road Top (Stop BE33) L4 L11. Chalfont Drive (Stop

Peter Skellen added a new photo at Beechdale Swimming Baths. June 18, 2016 Nottingham, United Kingdom Peter Skellen added a new photo at Beechdale Swimming Baths. beechdale baths times Jun 19, 2016 Having missed a few good derelict spots in Nottingham recently I remembered about Beechdale baths being empty. I can see Two reports on here, last One from February, so I hope this is not One too many.

Previous facilities included the Beechdale Swimming Centre and the Hoods Hideout Soft Play which was known as Beechdale Baths. The centre opened in the 1970s, and was the swimming centre where Rebecca Adlington spent her training. beechdale baths times

Former Beechdale Baths site which is the new designated site for the new Beechdale Lidl. Jo Hawley, Lidls regional head of property, said: Were absolutely delighted to have purchased the Beechdale Baths (Stop BE01) On Beechdale Road, near Beechdale Baths. Buses travel west from here Beechdale Swimming Centre (Closed) Nottingham. Beechdale Swimming Centre (Closed) is located in Nottingham (NG8). beechdale baths times

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