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2019-12-10 19:55 Nick of Studio Vitruvius Tattoo in Wooster, OH. View recent tattoo images from Nick contact information available. Studio Vitruvius Tattoo Studio Vitruvius Tattoo Find a local tattoo shop near you in our Tattoo Artist and Studio Directory.

Nick Wooster is known for tailored blazers, handlebar mustache and tattoo sleeves. He got his first tattoo in 1994; about five years later, he had a threequarter sleeve done on his left arm. Upon completion of his left arm he had a sleeve done on his right arm. nick wooster tattoo Mar 05, 2015 10 Men Who Prove Tattoos Can Be Elegant From David Beckham to Nick Wooster, these 10 gentlemen combine tattoos and classic menswear perfectly.

Jul 28, 2011  Nick Wooster street style tattoos: We spoke to the stylish Nickelson Wooster on the perils and pleasures of getting covered in ink An interview with the stylish Nickelson Wooster nick wooster tattoo

Tattoo& Piercing Shop in Wooster, Ohio. 5. 5 out of 5 stars. Community See All. 4, 715 people like this. 4, 716 people follow this. Tattoo by Nick D. 59. 5. Merry Christmas from everyone at Studio Vitruvius Tattoo! 18. 5. See All. Jun 13, 2015 Nick shared with Kurt Soller of Esquire when he first started getting tattoos. It was one of those days in Miami, a day for a pair of white Dries Van Noten sailor pants. Being Nick Wooster, he simply thought it would be great if he could pair it off with a nice sailor tattoo as well. nick wooster tattoo

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