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Ankle is the most preferred place to get a tattoo for girls. Most of the young girls like to have a tattoo on their ankle as it shows a class and style. They mostly like butterfly, angel and flowers designs. They love to get a tattoo that indicates their freedom. unusual places to put a tattoo 10 Weird And Crazy Places To Get A Tattoo. Although it is a permanent mark on your body, many people still do it to make the statement that they are unique in some way. There are many crazy places for a tattoo including a penis tattoo, a tattoo on your teeth, and even palette tattoos. Some places are so crazy to have for a tattoo,

Oct 26, 2007 So I need a unique place to put a tattoo that's classy and not very visible. The tattoo would be very small. And please no lectures on not getting tattoos or anything like that. I understand the permanency and I'm positive that I want to do it. Thank you very much! unusual places to put a tattoo

Tattoos in Unusual Places (28 pics) Posted in Pictures 7 Apr 2010 11. Some people love tattoos. They make them on different parts of their bodies. The latest trend is to have your armpit tattooed. Does it sound bizarre? Meet some of the armpit tattoos designs! 11 Discreet Places to Get a Tattoo (Because Its Fun to Have a Little Secret) by Charlotte Andersen Oct 12, 2017 at 9: 30 am EST A lot of us take tattoos extremely seriously. Theres a lot Once you've decided on your tattoo design, the next question is where are you going to put it? Whether you want it to be easily covered (for visits to nan) or to form a big part of your beauty identity, the good thing is your body provides a pretty comprehensive canvas for both. It may not be the most painfree place to get a tattoo, but unusual places to put a tattoo Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever all in one place! Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Apr 11, 2008 Unique place to put this tattoo? Where is a cute unique place to put a tattoo? More questions. Unique place for a quote tattoo? Where is a good place to put a tattoo? Answer Questions. Who do I contact to create my custom tattoo ink line? I have samples of the colors and formulations I want. Just need manufacturer. ?

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