How to play carrom in tamil

2019-12-10 19:56 Aug 02, 2018  Set the board up for play. To start the game, put the queen in the boards center. Then, put six pieces around the queen directly in a circle. Each of those six pieces should touch the queen and its neighboring piece. Position the remaining 12 pieces around the inner circle

Carrom is a tabletop board game played between 2 players, or 2 teams comprising 2 players each. The objective of the playerteam is to score points or win boards by how to play carrom in tamil Carrom Rules. These rules are taken from the International Carrom Federation. For full details please visit the ICF website. http: www. carrom. org

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Contextual translation of carrom board rules into Tamil. Human translations with examples: tamil. Dec 13, 2018  To play Carrom, start by setting up the board with the red playing piece, the Queen, in the center and the other pieces, yours and your opponent's, around it. Place the striker, the other unique game piece, on the board so its touching both baselines. Then flick The Rules of Carrom. Carrom or Karom is a game that has long been played throughout India and South East Asia but the game has become increasingly popular throughout much how to play carrom in tamil How to play carrom? The main objective behind the game of the carrom is to drive the corrommen into any of the four pockets using striker with the flick of the finger. The main aim of the game is to pocket all the nine carrommen of the player along with the queen before the opponent does it.

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