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it's really cool, i really want a my chem tattoo, but it's wicked. I guess u like frankie, yeah he's a wicked guitar player, he's the one who inspired me to want to get tattoo's. I like it. I'm planning to get the Demolition Lovers for my MCR tattoo, but I'm 16 now so I'll have to wait: Reply. MyXFuckingXRomance Featured By Owner Jul 21 awesome mcr tattoos Baby Tattoos Flower Tattoos Cool Tattoos Awesome Tattoos Tatoos Pretty Tattoos For Women Cupcake Tattoos Kawaii Tattoo Sweet Revenge Forward Sweet Revenge for my love of My Chemical Romance Done by Elo at.

this is awesome! this is awesome! . Visit. mcr tattoos. my chemical romance conventional weapons album theme tattoo my chemical romance conventional weapons album theme tattoo. Emo Tattoos Love Tattoos Body Art Tattoos Future Tattoos Lyric Tattoos Tatoos My Chemical Romance Music Bands Emo Bands. More information. Saved by. Aiden Noble awesome mcr tattoos

Jan 18, 2008 Okay I really want an MCR tattoo but i have to wait till im 18. I've been thinking about getting Merci Pour Le Venin or the logo something like that but alot of people have that. Is there any ideas? ? And please do not say mcr is a s band why would you get one or you'll regret it or get something else. It's my choice. awesome mcr tattoos

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